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Relieve SI Joint Pain

*low difficulty hip low back Aug 23, 2022

The Sacro Iliac (SI) joint is the connection between your legs and your spine. If you can feel the 2 bony prominences at either side of the lowest part of your back, that is where the SI lives. Its job is to allow forces to flow seamlessly from your legs to your body for stability while standing or walking. It is a pretty fascinating joint with tons of unique anatomical features making it both mobile and stable at the same time. 

Since the SI directs large forces through it tiny changes in the position of your joint can create shearing and pain. There can be many reasons why the SI joint might not align itself perfectly, but one of the most common is an inability to extend from the hip joints and over-extend through the low back instead. I get into this concept in more detail in the video. This series of exercises will allow you to gain flexibility in your hips and low back and build strength in your gluteals (butt muscles) to realign and fortify the SI joint.

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