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Is Your Breathing Pattern Keeping You In Pain?

*low difficulty abdominals breathing low back neck pain relief posture Aug 22, 2023

You take over 8 MILLION breaths in a day. You hardly ever think about them. Thank goodness for that, because if you had to think about every breath, you wouldn't have the capacity for much else. If you break down the mechanics of breathing you begin to realize there is a lot going on. In order to fill the lungs with air the diaphragm drops, the belly expands, the ribs move forward and outward, the chest lifts, and the mid spine elongates. To breathe out all of those movements are reversed. Breathing is a very physical act and like any other movement, we develop patterns to manage it. Small changes that make breathing easier and more efficient have a significant impact because it is repeated millions of times per day. Conversely, rigidity or tension associated with breathing can generate pain that is difficult to overcome because it is repeated all day long. Slower easier breathing can even reduce feelings of anxiety and create a greater sense of calm. Take 5 minutes to become more aware of your breathing pattern and begin to make the subtle changes that bring comfort, ease, and calm.

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