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Regain Your Height Part 2: Stand Taller From Your Hips

*low difficulty daily function hip posture Aug 20, 2021

In our last session, we explored standing taller by changing the position of your spine. Today we will build on that by examining how you use your hips when you are standing. Most people who lose height from the hips have no idea that it is happening.

In this session, we will perform a diagnostic test for you to determine how you use your hips in standing, a movement training series to align your spine, hips, and feet, and a strengthening exercise to keep your hip stabilizers engaged and active.

I use this series in the clinic regularly to help people prevent a total hip replacement, recover after a hip replacement, overcome knee pain, and even for low back pain and sciatica. It works for so many conditions because it is so fundamental to healthy movement. 

This session will be done mostly in standing against a wall or door, so find some open space. 

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