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One Simple Change For Stronger and Less Painful Shoulders

*low difficulty daily function shoulder Apr 04, 2023

FREE YOUR BLADES! The shoulder is made up of two bones, your humerus (upper arm) and your scapula (shoulder blade). To have a healthy movement pattern in the shoulder there has to be a specific and coordinated sequence of movement between the two. It is very common for people to take on a pattern where they move the upper arm but hold the shoulder blade still. This will lead to impingement of the rotator cuff and eventually rotator cuff degeneration and shoulder arthritis. The good news is this is totally preventable. Most people who limit shoulder blade movement do so out of habit or some misconception that shrugging the shoulder is "bad" In this 4-minute video you will learn a few simple tips to fee those shoulder blades allowing you to move your arms more easily with more strength and less pain. Try it and see. 

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