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One Exercise To Restore Alignment Between Your Hips And Low Back

*medium difficulty hip low back posture May 23, 2023

Your hips and low back are the foundation for movement. Their position will determine what muscles you use and how much stress you put on your joints while standing, walking, bending, and most other daily activities. Very often the alignment between the hips and the low back becomes offset. Tight hip flexor muscles or stiff hip joints will compel the hips to stay in a slightly bent position and to offset this the low back will often arch excessively causing tension in the low back muscles, and strain in the joints. This position makes it difficult to use important muscles like your abdominals and your gluteals (butt muscles) during function causing additional strain in other areas. Restoring alignment between your hips and low back is a cornerstone of reducing arthritis pain in all regions of the body. This single exercise will improve flexibility and alignment in the hips and low back and put the abdominals and gluteals into a position that allows them to engage giving you more strength and less pain. It's worth the 4 minute investment to see if it works for you.

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