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Manage Painful Arthritis Flare-Ups Through Focused Breathing

*low difficulty breathing pain relief Dec 24, 2021

Painful flare-ups are inevitable when you live with a chronically painful condition like arthritis. Flare-ups can be caused by physical activity, mental or emotional stress, immune system activity, sleep quality, nutrition, and even the weather. No matter what the cause of your pain flare-up understanding how to calm the sympathetic (fight or flight) nervous system is an important part of recovery. This gentle focused breathing activity is great at reducing physical and mental stress, promoting comfortable and healthy movement, and turning down the danger signals in your brain that trigger pain. When you are not in pain this exercise can be used to improve breathing capacity, reduce muscle tension, and promote relaxation. It is not intended as a cure for your symptoms, but it has been my most effective tool for patients who are suffering severe flare-ups of pain. 

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