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Faster, Smoother, More Balanced Walking

*medium difficulty hip low back walking Dec 06, 2022

Your ability to walk has a large impact on how you live your daily life. It can influence your independence, social interactions, comfort level, and even your mood. Over time you may have noticed your gait got a little slower, smaller, or less stable. We tend to limit movement when we lose ability or confidence. This creates a slow but progressive downward spiral that further limits walking ability over time. You must break that pattern to restore healthier and more efficient movement patterns so you can walk more freely and easily. 

This video will give you a simple, quick, safe exercise that will help you break the cycle that constricts your walking ability. It promotes mobility in the hips and spine, strength and balance in the legs, and freedom of movement throughout the entire body. 

Remember that the goal is not to be perfect but to just be a little bit better than when you started. 

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