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Build A Better Butt By Training Your Brain

*low difficulty foot hip knees low back Apr 28, 2023

How good are you at activating your butt muscles (gluteal muscles)? When people think about muscles they most often think in terms of how strong or weak they are. In many cases improving your ability to control your muscles is more important than making them stronger. Your ability to activate muscles in the right amount at the right time will determine how much strain you put through your joints and tendons and how supported you are when you move. 

Traditional exercises strengthen muscles by progressively overloading them so they repair and build stronger over a period of weeks or months and are an important component of any fitness or rehabilitation program. Muscle activation training, however, is about learning how to use your body more effectively. You learn how to simultaneously turn on the muscles you need and turn off the opposite ones that interfere with that activation. Those results can be felt immediately and the exercises are less physically demanding making them a perfect option for people with joint pain. When this complex coordination is well-trained you will have a greater ability to use your muscles efficiently making you more mobile with less pain. 

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