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Terrific Torso: Freeing Up The Mid-Back and Ribcage

*medium difficulty low back neck Jul 16, 2021

Mid-back and ribcage mobility is a pretty good indicator of someone's general movement health. Today we are re-visiting methods to find hidden flexibility through this often neglected area.

The thoracic spine (mid-back) is made up of 12 vertebrae, each with a rib attached on either side. Of these 12 pairs of ribs 10 have some attachment to the breastbone in the front of you. This cage of ribs is a brilliant design to protect our most vital organs while still allowing for considerable mobility.

Unfortunately for many of us, our daily lives do not require us to engage that mobility very often. This creates stiffness through the area and causes a lot of effort to move. Our brains, always trying to conserve energy, compel us to move from other areas that are freer and easier. This can lead to repetitive strain, tissue irritation, and joint breakdown in numerous other areas of the body.

A flexible mid-back and rib cage allow for a more upright postureimproved standing and walking balance, and an increased respiratory capacity and stamina. Let’s be honest, it makes you look and feel younger too.

Join me to try a few simple and effective movements that will loosen up the mid-back and ribs so you can stand a little taller and breathe a little easier.

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