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Leg Exercises For Athletes With Arthritis

*high difficulty hip knees strength Nov 15, 2022

Having arthritis does not mean you have to give up on playing sports. For those who are able, continuing to engage in athletics improves strength, coordination, flexibility, and fun. The recipe for reducing arthritis pain. So much of how you feel will depend on how you move so you have to listen to your body and respond appropriately when you feel something isn't quite right. This video demonstrates a lunge matrix exercise to help train your body to take on multi-directional forces similar to those you might encounter in many sports. Take your time to get the form for each lunge correct before adding speed or force. Learning to put forces through your legs in a way that does not strain your joints has to come before adding intensity. Find your form and build from there. None of these exercises should cause pain. If they do go back to slow movements and work on coordination and form. Practice practice practice and go win some games!

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