Gain The Tools You Need To Manage And Improve Your Arthritis Pain For The Rest Of Your Life

My courses are broken up into a series of educational discussions and active participation labs. In the discussions, you will learn the science behind knee and hip arthritis, movement patterns and retraining, and pain science, in clear and easily understandable terms. In the labs you will put that knowledge into action by performing the exercises you need to do to feel better. All sessions are followed by live Q&A to ensure you understand the material. The better you understand your body, the better you will feel.

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Course Structure

This course will be delivered over a period of 6 weeks, with two live sessions per week. Each class will begin with approximately 20 minutes of educational discussion and then 40 minutes of active lab work. There will be ample time for Q&A after the class. You will have lifetime access to recordings of all classes in case you miss a class, or to refresh your knowledge and continue your work independently in the future.

All courses are backed with a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked up to the third week of classes.


Course Outline

Week 1

Educational Material - Anatomy overview, tissue resilience

Active Lab - Body scan, Understanding Breathing, Freeing the pelvis, Discovering your gluteal and quadricep muscles, Directional heel sliding

Week 2

Educational Material - Tissue loading principles and consequences, Understanding why some days you hurt and others you feel good doing the same activity, The science of pain

Active Lab - Controlling the pelvis in side lieing, Controlling, strengthening and stabilizing the hip, Lengthening the body (non-weight-bearing)

Week 3

Educational Material - Pain science (continued), Pain vs Tissues damage, Hurt vs Harm, The no pain no gain myth

Active Lab - Freeing the pelvis in standing, Using the hips and knees cooperatively, Strengthening the knees and hips, Introducing squatting, Rising from a chair

Week 4

Educational Material - Understanding how and why we move in patterns, Hebb's Law of Muscles that fire together wire together

Active Lab - Lengthening the body in standing, Hip Hiking, Dynamic weight shifting, Strong and stable walking

Week 5

Educational Material - How we create new patterns, Differentiating between "natural" movement vs. familiar movement

Active Lab - Squatting, Controlling the pelvis on stairs, Loading the leg on stairs, Ascending and descending stairs

Week 6

Educational Material - What you do vs How you do, Principles to remember for future independent practice, dealing with flare-ups, open forum

Active Lab - Designing your own program to maintain and improve in the future, Anywhere anytime exercises


You Do Not Have To Suffer From Knee and Hip Pain

  • Understand your condition
  • Learn what to do to feel better
  • Apply this knowledge to help yourself for the rest of your life
  • Find a community of like minded people to gain support and share experiences
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